NEW ORLEANS, May 16, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Interest rates have been very low, and have largely benefitted our banking society instead of American citizens. Most people know about compounding interest, but not about compounding fees.  The U.S. is over 20 Trillion in debt which causes risk, inflation, and further uncertainty in our economy.

Denton Wealth Strategies provides financial education outside of Wall Street and big banks, with less risk and more control.

Financial Expert Sam Denton identifies this as a huge problem and wants to address it with sound financial education to help America combat these emerging problems. After learning from world renowned leaders such as Robert Kiyosaki, Nelson Nash, Kim Butler, and others, Sam started Denton Wealth Strategies In June 2015 to make an impact for this reason.

Most financial professionals invest your money into stocks. However, most don’t realize that Banks, Wall Street, Insurance Companies, and Wealthy Investors adopt certain practices and have been doing this for centuries. However, these wealth strategies are not taught to the mainstream public.

After being in the Financial Services Industry for over 10 years, experiencing the Stock Market crash, the Real Estate Crisis, and the Banking Scam – as well as becoming a leading agent with State Farm, he ventured out on his own to make a deeper and more personal impact with his clients.

“I started with one of the largest State Farm Agents in the country. I worked as a Financial Representative, then moved to Registered Representative, and then started my own agency in Corsicana, TX.  I helped people with insurance, investments, asset protection, and retirement planning.”

Sam noticed there was a tremendous lack of Financial Education in our society. There is dull stewardship, high fees, limited control, and high risk with most financial vehicles. Sam recognized this as a huge ongoing problem, and devoted himself to providing assistance in this area.

Denton Wealth Strategies offers financial strategies that give today’s investor more control and less risk. Denton’s fees do not take away from investment performance and do not affect net returns. These strategies are designed to add value by developing real estate, funding jobs, paying down debt, creating more energy, and providing funding to today’s businesses. 

All of Denton Wealth’s financial vehicles range in the high single digits to double digits and can be achieved with one’s retirement account or can generate cash flow or income.  At the premise of financial education, Sam believes that there are no risky investments, but only risky investors. Therefore, they are prudent with providing sound, financial education which leads people to good decision making.

The biggest investment you can make is in yourself, Denton shares. Many people spend years on their academics or career, but don’t take the time for self-development and financial education. Investing in yourself always provides the largest ROI. It is time to start believing in yourself and realizing that you have unlimited potential. Reach out today for a free consultation and see if Denton Wealth Strategies is right for you.

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